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Ruqyah Service
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 22 reviews
by Ali on Ruqyah Service

  • Aslam-u-Alaikum! I found this service via google. The ratings from this service were great and I thought to give it a try after countless attempts with raaqis from overseas, this service was the closes in location. Brother Talha is who correspondent with me via phone and emails and than we were able to book the ruqyah. I can not express how much my husband and I needed guidance for my brother and Brother Talha was exceptionally helpful, he even went out of his way to help us on a sunday at his home. Not only did he recite ruqyah so beautifully subhanAllah , but he also provided us with knowledge that was beneficial to us. May Allah reward him and his family for the service he provides.

by Anonymous on Ruqyah Service

Assalam al-laikum,

I went with my parents for Ruqyah session a few weeks ago I appreciate my father and mother who sought this treatment to cure me and brought me here when I really needed treatment. May Allah bless them immensely (Ameen). I was also referred by Imam Yasir Birjas and Sister Saima and appreciate the referral. May Allah bless them for it, Ameen. Brother Talha was very kind to see us right away. He spent time in healing and curing me from intense nazar and sihr that was on me. I followed his treatment plan and saw results right away. Whether it be regarding my marriage or nazar in me, SubhanAllah it’s a miracle from Allah (SWT) how He granted me shifa. I am utterly grateful to Him. I make dua for Brother Talha and his family that Allah blesses them immensely in this life and hereafter (Ameen). I would recommend this treatment to anyone seeking a cure from ayn and sihr.

by Anonymous on Ruqyah Service

The consultation over the phone was a good experience because Abu Rayan was very kind and just listened to all my problems. He even gave me advice on how to better myself, which did not offend me. When I went for my in-person appointment, I felt a little taken back by the man's personality, who was Abu Zaid. When I saw him, I had a feeling he would be old school given that he is an older man but I still gave him a chance. I don't wear hijab but I am still respectful to my elders but I felt very uncomfortable by his aura.

He asked me what my problems were and just listened, but it didn't feel genuine. I visited this service with my friend and I feel that he was judgmental. He was pointing out ways that I can improve myself and not focusing on the outside factors. I didn't tell him how I felt about the service but I just thought it would be fair to let people know about my experience. Maybe this service is intended for older people but given my over the positive phone consultation, I thought I wouldn't feel uncomfortable. I am not trying to put anyone down because this is such a nice service.

by edna and john mcinerney on Ruqyah Service
Thank you very much

A fellow Muslim friend recommend me to this rugyah service. Me and my husband is suffering from voodoo for 9 years now. We went to various healers - from they said "real" ones to lots of scammers. We do not want to die - we wanted to live so we were looking for solutions as to how to get rid of the pain we are having, pain which medical science cannot cure.

We met Brother Abu Zaid. He was a very nice, humble and professional healer. The first encounter, he patiently did ruqyah healing to me in his own house since its an emergency situation and He did it at 0830pm to 0930pm, the time he is supposed to be sleeping already with his family. What a kind hearted human being.

My husband was in pain almost all the years of his life but when we started seeing for help to Abu Zaid, my husband's pain was lessened, from a 10 down to 6 degrees of pain, considering Abu Zaid just did one time ruqyah on him.

The bath was very helpful, mind you. The oil as well and the water.

We will not stop seeing Abu Zaid until the evil is defeated and the pain is gone.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the help, the support and patience Brother Abu Zaid has extended to us.

May the abundant blessings of Allah be with you Brother Abu Zaid. Again, thnak you very much.

by Farah on Ruqyah Service
So bless to have this service

As-Salaam Alaykum. It was my first time inquiring about ruqyah services because I didn't know that much about it. I was so happy that I found someone that was so close to home who was knowledgeable on the whole process and made us feel very comfortable and in good care. With the grace of Allah, he recited many verses of the Quran that would benefit the situation of black magic and evil eyes. I was so blessed with the results afterwards that it really saved my marriage, Alhamdulilla. I later decided that I would take my parents as well, whom to this day are back to normal after many years of upset and non-communication. I truly advise anyone who feels inflicted to put their complete trust and tawaqul in Allah and go for this Ruqyah Service. Thank You so much Brother Talha, we always pray that you and your family have the highest ranking in Jannah al Firdous and may Allah bless you will the upmost barakat and happiness in this dunya and in your akhira. Ameen

by Anonymous on Ruqyah Service
Ruqyah Service and Consultation

As-salamu Alaykum fellow brothers and sisters, Please be thankful and give gratitude to Allah for leading to this site, and Allah willing, eventually to the center. There is a reason you are on this page and I highly encourage you to take the time and read each testimonial and invest your time to make an appointment and make it to the center for Ruqyah service and/or consultation. I had to fly for several hours to get to CA, it was quite challenging with so many obstacles and deterrence, but with continued prayers and consistent effort, Alhamdulillah, Allah made it possible. My trip was worth every single effort and time. The instructions above, unfortunately do warn to refrain from reviewing the Raqi. I sincerely encourage you to make an appointment and visit this center, In Sha Allah you will be better off. May the blessings of Allah be on you and all Muslims, may Allah continue to bless and increase in reward the people involved in providing the services and their families with all that is good for them in this duniyah and hereafter, Ameen!

by Mohammed Shamim on Ruqyah Service
Mohammed Shamim Los Angeles, CA. USA

Assalam-alaikum to all my brothers and sisters.

May Allah Bless this Ruquah Center and my brother Abu Zaid and his entire family and brother Abu Rayyan for all his support, team work and makes things well done with his service , emails and communication.
May Allah reward them all with "The Best Rewards" and fullfill all their desires.

by Anonymous on Ruqyah Service

Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
Dear Sister/Brother seeking Ruqyah,
I write this to attest whole-heartedly all the testimonials for Br. Abu Zayd’s Ruqyah service; all that brothers and sisters before me have written about their experience is true – please spend some time going through them. This is because my experience was the same alhamdulillah. I was referred to him by a Hijama Practitioner who suspected some kind of influence over me. Alhamdulillah right from the very beginning, the entire process turned out extremely easy, beneficial, and most of all, correct according to Quran & Sunnah, and one you can tell for sure is genuine. And for someone like me with a lot of apprehensions about what to expect, and first-time questions, there was not a single doubt not clarified or question unanswered, ma sha Allah. It turned out that there was no sihr of mas on me Alhamdulillah. Br. Abu Zayd was extremely patient though the entire process; from answering my various phone calls and emails prior to Ruqyah, to going over the online questionnaire filled out for assessment prior to the actual Ruqyah, to giving a correct self-ruqyah in the days leading to the appointment so that I could calm down and be able to do something about my condition in the meantime, to the actual appointment; everything was ma sha Allah very good. At the appointment, Br. Abu Zayd took time explaining the logic, tradition in human history, and religious imperative for Ruqyah - which we the ummah have long-forgotten to our detriment, so that when the actual Ruqyah was being performed, I was very much at peace. It was all Recitation from the Quran with verses intended in general and in specific to cure one’s illness. Thereafter he spent a great deal of time counseling about my situation, he gave great advice, the kind of advice you do not get every day, and for some, even the nearest and dearest are not capable of; advice that lifts you from realm of despondency and denial because you have been conditioned to believe in a dead-ended situation by people you least expect such a treatment from; advice that is straight from the Quran and Sunnah, that absolutely pertains to your situation. And all this was done in the most easy-going manner, ma sha Allah. May Allah bless Br. Aby Zayd, and all his near and dear ones. May Allah bless him, grant taufeeq, and increase him in his service that he is so selflessly giving to the community. May Allah gather the best of this life and the next for him and his family. May Allah give everyone who is suffering in the community of Muhammad SalAllahu alaihi wa alihi waSallam sifa and a way out from whatever is giving them pain, or holding them back. Allahumma Farrij, Allahumma Aslih, Allahumma Arhim Ummati Muhammad SalAllahu alaihi wa alihi waSallam. Aameen.

by TB on Ruqyah Service

Bismillah arrahman arrahim
I've been at Abu Zaid place for Roqya about Ayne, alhamdoulillah Abu Zaid is performing a conform roqya to Quran and Sunnah. I found el-akh Abu Zaid knowing about the needed sourates for the possible troubles that can be expected for the patient. He gave me explanation about how Ayne can be occurred, how it can be avoided or take it out in certain situation.
Everybody have to be aware that Chiffaa is coming from Allah soubhanahou wa taala, so thank you for Abu Zaid for his help and effort, may allah give him barak in his life and time, and I ask chiffaa from allah for my self and for all muslims and mouemins.

by ADB on Ruqyah Service

Assalam Allaykum Wa Rahmatullah,
I am very grateful to meet brother Abu Zaid. He is very humble and remind you always about Allah and the Sunnah. His experience was beyond my expectations,and his Ruqya is performed strictly according the Qur'an and the Sunnah. I was impressed by his advices and it really means a lot to me. I rarely read the Qur'an and I can't concentrate in my prayers. Alhamdulillah, after he perfomed the Ruqya on me, I fell an intense internal peace in me. His advices are so beneficial for me when I applied them in my daily life. Everyday , I read the Qur'an and Subhanallah it brings tears in my eyes. I just thanks Allah for guiding me in the right direction.I pray Allah SWT to give him courage and patience to help more unfortunate victims of jinn possession or black magic. May the almighty grants his team paradise for their dedication to help those in need for the sake of Allah. I will highly recommend his service for those who need ruqya in USA. I am wordless to thanks his team from the bottom of my heart for their time and patience for helping me. It was really a great experience and I am so blessed and grateful to Allah to meet wonderful people because they have touched my life. May Allah grant goodness to his team and and make it easier for them to assist people like me in need of Ruqya.
Djazakhallah Khairan

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