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Some signs you can find in people practicing Magic.

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  1. Tells your name, where you are coming from & your ailment with out you telling him anything
  2. Asks for the name of your mother
  3. Asks for an object from the patient ( like cloth etc )
  4. Reads something that is meaningless and ununderstandable
  5. Gives amulets or talismans with numbers , signs, boxes , drawings , shapes & scriblings to wear or hang
  6. Reads quran with hidden (Tamtama) or un understandable voice mixed with the names of shaitan etc
  7. Uses threads making knots while reading & blowing/spitting
  8. Exessively uses of Bakhoor with bad smell
  9. Lives in the area that is unclean & uses filth or unclean things to treat.
  10. Leaves you for consell in an empty / dark room repeatedly
  11. Asks to sacrifice an animal, bird with specific color ( black) on a name other than Allah’s
  12. Khalwat (Translation?) with gair mahram (Translation?) women, Askes women to remove Hijaab
  13. Asks the patient to go against the sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH)
  14. Uses rope and measures the size to determine ailment by reading and then measuring the difference in size
  15. Asks patient to not come out in sun ( e.g asking the patient to not pray with jamat for 40 days )
  16. Asks patients to not touch water for specific no of days
  17. Gives patient papers with numbers or illegible scribblings and asking them to burn or wash and drink.
  18. Reads something on objects, amulets or water and asks to burry to throw the water on the way of the person to be effected
  19. While talking to you, starts talking in the air to some one else, closes eyes
  20. You will find one of the signs of diobediance on him/her


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